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What is the Best Kids Sewing Machine?

Our website will help you select the best kids sewing machine on the market today! Remember your grandmother creatively making clothes on her old fashioned featherweight sewing machine? What a useful and fun life skill for the children in your life to learn too! Creativity abounds when kids start sewing with mom or grandma!

The best kids sewing machines don’t need to include everything the high-end machines offer. You just need a sewing machine kids will be comfortable using that is their own.

We can help you choose between the best machines for beginners with our comparison chart below.

Embroidery Machine Reviews - Thread and needle

What is Important to Look for When Choosing a Sewing Machine for Kids?

  • Safety Features

  • Simple to Use for Little Hands

  • Portable and Lightweight

  • Hand Switch for Consistent Speed

  • Real Machine that will Develop Skills

Things to Avoid in a Sewing Machine for Your Kid:

  • Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Variable Speed Foot Pedal

  • A Machine that is Too Big or Heavy

Kids Sewing Machine

Top Sewing Machines we Recommend for Kids by Janome

Janome 11706
3/4 Size Hello Kitty

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Janome Fastlane
Basic Portable

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Janome 15822
Hello Kitty Sewing

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Janome 14412
Pink Hello Kitty

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How to Choose the Best Kids Sewing Machine 2018

We Will Help Make Your Decision Easy

You might be overwhelmed with choosing from so many machines that are on the market these days for your kids that are beginners. Best Kids Sewing Machine will help make your choice very easy by narrowing down the list, while still giving you all that you need in a kids machine. Machines with all the bells and whistles can get expensive, but the best kids machines will be basic and come at a reasonable price. Owning a sewing machine provides an affordable hobby that your child will love! Grandparents, kids and parents will enjoy making new handicrafts together!

Three Best Sewing Machine Brands

Let’s get started with the three most popular high quality childs sewing machine brands that perform real stitches using thread (not a toy). They are Janome, Brother, and Singer. Best Kids Sewing Machine has selected models that will be easiest to use for children just starting out, but that still have the potential to increase their skills in sewing. Our choice of machines for your little girl or boy will help you to make this decision a little easier and help to get you the most for your money. Be sure to check out our Mini Sewing Machine Reviews as well.  These machines are suitable for very young children. Our reviews below will help you make your decision on the best machine to purchase in order to teach your child how to sew. Scroll down and click to view current pricing and our high quality reviews to find out which sewing machine you are most interested in purchasing.

What are the Differences Between the Best Kids Sewing Machine Models?

One of the main differences in models will be the number of stitches that the sewing machine can make including specialties such as blind hem, zigzag and stretch stitches. When a child is just starting out, the number of stitches may not matter so much, but if you want the machine to grow with your child, you may want to get a machine that has a nice variety. Machines will also vary in weight. A lightweight and portable machine is good for your kids to be able to sew in any room of the house. A smaller sized machine can also be a benefit for the youngest of children, making it easier for their little fingers to sew. Be wary of machines with an extra high presser foot.  While good for sewing thick materials, for children it leaves too much room for little fingers to potentially get stuck under the needle.

Check Out These Other Types of Specialty Sewing Machines

In addition to childrens sewing machines, there are several types of more advanced specialty sewing machines such as a zig zag sewing machine, serger sewing machine, heavy duty sewing machine, quilting sewing machine, and an embroidery sewing machine. These links above can help you choose between other specialized sewing machines you are looking to purchase from Amazon and other retailers.

Reviews of 7 Top Sewing Machines for Children in 2018

1. Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty

  • 11 Different Stitches
  • Built in 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Stitch Selection Dial
  • Free Arm
  • Etched Needle Plate
  • Storage Compartment

We found this girls sewing machine to be top notch in terms of kid friendly sewing machines! It is ¾ size, which makes sewing much easier for small hands using a machine for the first time. One nice feature on this is the foot pedal runs at a slower speed, allowing beginners to have better control. An additional nice feature is the needle has an etched plate to help keep the seam straight. Also, the feet on this model set lower than a standard machine, which makes it more difficult for little fingers to get caught under the foot, hence avoiding any close calls. The Hello Kitty design on the outside is really adorable and this machine is rated as the best small sewing machine on the market! Help teach your young child to sew with this model today!

>> Check out the Janome 11706 ¾ size Hello Kitty Reviews here

2. Janome Fastlane Basic Portable

  • 10 Different Stitches
  • 5 Pound Weight
  • Free Arm
  • Finger Guard
  • Cheap

This bright fuchsia color is one of the features that makes this the best sewing machine for kids in their book! The Fast lane fuchsia portable is a nice, compact sewing machine for the younger crowd. When it comes to inexpensive sewing machines, this machine fits the budget as the best sewing machine under 100 dollars. This price is excellent! It also comes with an extra safety feature – the sewing machine finger guard. We highly recommend this product for keeping little fingers extra safe! This is an excellent portable sewing machine that your child can use to sew in any room of the house. Check out the link below and look at the variety of fun colors available for this machine! This is truly one of the best mini sewing machines for kids!

>> Check out the Janome Fastlane Reviews here

3. Janome 15822 Hello Kitty Sewing

  • 22 Unique Stitches
  • 1-Step Buttonholer
  • Free Arm
  • Built in Needle Threading
  • Accessory Storage Compartment

This sturdy full-sized kids sewing machine has a larger variety of unique stitching available than the others. It comes with built in needle threading for ease of use, and even has a nice storage area for extra bobbins and other accessories. This machine does have a reverse button, but does not have a speed control slider like some of the other models. Speed is controlled solely with the pedal. The machine coloring and hello kitty design are a hit with the littlest of sewists!

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4. Janome 14412 Pink Hello Kitty

  • 12 Built-in Stitches
  • 4-Step Buttonholer
  • Free Arm
  • Stitch Selection Dials
  • Aluminum Frame

Here at Best Kids Sewing Machine, we rate this as the best Janome sewing machine to grow with your child. Depending on your child’s current skill level, this is a machine that your child can use now and down the road. The bobbin that comes with this machine has easy push/pull winding. While it does not come with a sewing machine finger guard, you can purchase the Janome brand guard inexpensively. This full-sized machine with the Hello Kitty décor is one that is a hit with sewists of all ages!

>> Check out the Janome 14412 Pink Hello Kitty Reviews here

5. Brother XM1010

  • 10 Different Stitches
  • 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Free Arm
  • Jam-Resistant Bobbin
  • Instructional DVD & Bilingual Manual
  • Automatic Needle Threading
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder

The Brother XM1010 is an excellent and reliable machine for someone just getting started with sewing, as well as for kids who have some machine experience. A huge time saving feature on this machine is the fully automatic needle threader. This sewing machine has a nice storage compartment and comes with some free accessories. The Brother XM1010 comes with the convenience of an automatic bobbin winding system. The instructional DVD included makes things easier when you can see some of the basics on the setup and functions of the machine. This Brother sewing machine is an excellent choice for any beginner!

>> Check out the Brother XM1010 Reviews here

6. Brother XM2701

  • 27 Unique Stitches
  • 1-Step Built in Buttonhole
  • Free Arm
  • Jam-Resistant Bobbin
  • Instructional DVD & Bilingual Manual
  • Easy Needle Threader

When we compare Brother sewing machines with the one above, this one has a little more to offer your kids. It has more built-in stitches of varying widths, and comes with six presser feet, instead of four. This one also weighs a couple of pounds more, in comparison to the 1010 model. The instructional DVD is great for you and your child to easily learn more about the machine by watching and then trying yourselves. We think this is the best sewing machine for beginners!

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7. Singer 3221

  • 21 Unique Stitches
  • 1-Step Buttonholer
  • Free Arm
  • Fully Automatic Needler Threader
  • Storage Compartment Including Free Accessories

We rate this model as our best Singer sewing machine for kids. This is a good entry-level machine that has multiple stitch functions. This one is different from a Singer toy sewing machine, in that it will actually help develop your child’s sewing skills. A real machine, instead of a toy like this, is the way to go if you want the machine to grow with your child, and not just be a purchase that’s only good for a short time while they are young. The blue coloring on this Singer children’s sewing machine makes it a nice machine for boys as well. We think this is truly a top notch beginner sewing machine!

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Find the Best Sewing Machine for Children in the Chart Below


Ease of Use
Build Quality
Value for Money


Janome 11706
3/4 Hello Kitty
Functionality : 9.1
Ease of Use : 9.5
Safety : 9.6
Build Quality : 8.5
Value for Money: 9.6


Janome Fastlane
Basic Portable
Functionality : 8.5
Ease of Use : 9.5
Safety : 9.8
Build Quality : 7.6
Value for Money: 9.7


Janome 15822
Hello Kitty
Functionality : 9.4
Ease of Use : 9.3
Safety : 9.4
Build Quality : 9.6
Value for Money: 8.9


Janome 14412
Hello Kitty
Functionality : 9.3
Ease of Use : 9.6
Safety : 9.7
Build Quality : 9.7
Value for Money: 9.6


Functionality : 9.1
Ease of Use : 8.9
Safety : 9.1
Build Quality : 9.3
Value for Money: 9.5


Functionality : 9.4
Ease of Use : 9.5
Safety : 9.3
Build Quality : 9.7
Value for Money: 9.6


Functionality : 9.4
Ease of Use : 9.6
Safety : 9.3
Build Quality : 9.6
Value for Money: 9.3

Most Important Features for a Kids Sewing Machine

Most kids sewing machines are fairly basic and for a beginner of almost any age. Children are starting to sew these days even as young as 3-4 years old. It’s neat to teach your kids such useful life skills from early on. That said, for the youngest of children, their fine motor skills are not quite as attuned as an older beginner, so there are certain sewing machine features that suit their fingers and little hands better than others. Specifically we will discuss Dial Sizes, Speed Control, Automatic Needle Threaders, and Types of Safety Features available on kids machines.

Dial Size

Several of the newest sewing machines for kids come with a nifty large dial for stitch selection.  We think this is a great feature for kids because the large size means its something they can easily work with and change themselves confidently. We also like this dial to be easily accessible right on the front of the machine for convenience.  Easy to use reverse levers and tension dials are also a nice to have for the beginners.

Speed Control

You will definitely want excellent speed control on your childs sewing machine. Usually you will want to have the maximum speed set to be slower than that of a standard machine. Machines with an automatic stop feature are a good safety measure in case the material and stitching get away from the child’s grasp, the machine does not end up hurting them.  Most kids sewing machines also include a convenient push button hand switch for speed consistency with the option for using it or the foot pedal to control speed. We definitely recommend choosing a push button model sewing machine for kids.

Automatic Needle Threader

We absolutely recommend an automatic needle threader. I consider it a must have feature because it is almost impossible for kids to thread the needle manually without a LOT of frustration.  Trust me on this one!!  Let’s avoid the meltdowns, at least in the beginning! 🙂

Types of Safety Features

Of course you will be supervising your children’s sewing, but even with the best supervision accidents can happen. However, if your kids sewing machine has some built-in safety features to begin with, then hopefully these issues can be lessened or avoided altogether. All beginners are bound to make mistakes along the way, so just be prepared for broken needles, runaway stitching, a bobbin in the wrong way, a thread jam and more.  It’s just a part of the learning curve process, and it is a good way for a child to learn all about trial and error.

We like safety features such as finger guards, speed control switches, automatic stopping, lower setting feet, and of course a portable lightweight machine to begin with. Another important item for the work area, and not necessarily the machine, is for your child to have a sewing table with the chair at the right height for them to sew properly.  It’s not going to be very comfortable or easy for the child to use the machine if they have to reach up too high to work with it.


For most kids over the age of eight, the length of time necessary to pick up and use a basic machine is short, especially if mom is helping them learn. We are sure learning together on this new machine will be a fun way to spend some one on one time with your child. Once your child has some experience, it will be fun to try some basic patterns together, and maybe even make a dress for their doll or for themselves. Seeing the results of their hard work will give your child a confidence in their abilities and problem solving skills that they will keep for a lifetime. As we all know well, a kid wants to be able to do things by themselves. With a little help when they start sewing, it will be no time before they are sewing up a storm on their kids sewing machine!

We hope this article helps you in the difficult decision of choosing the best sewing machine for your child. You really can’t go wrong with any of these popular sewing machines for children that are just learning to sew. A tough choice for parents made easier! (Be sure to view current pricing & availability from our table above)

These recommended machines are covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. If deemed a warranty item, they will replace the faulty machine, or the manufacturer can send machine parts to you.

One item to note is several Amazon reviewers rate the Janome 2212 sewing machine very highly.  We however have chosen not to include this machine in our list because we found the price to be a bit too high.

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