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Best Embroidery Machine Reviews in 2018

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Our guide below will show you embroidery machine reviews for the best machines available on the market today. If you want an embroidery machine that is computerized, and gives a professional, high-end look, we will help you find just the machine for you! Simply scroll down and have a look.

Why Do You Need an Embroidery Machine?

Using the best embroidery sewing machine will undoubtedly save you time! Remember seeing stitched pictures framed on the walls at your grandmother’s house? I do. Those took her a lot of time to hand stitch! These days, with computerized machines and downloadable patterns, the machine can do all of that stitching for you! It looks perfect, and saves a LOT of time!

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Top 4 Best Embroidery Machine Reviews

This great Singer machine packs in a lot of features for the price – great value! This model is a good all-in-one machine, meaning it can be used for embroidery, quilting, and general sewing as well. It has good speed control with its optional choice to use the pedal or button. It has several automatic features making it so convenient that it sets this machine above the competition.

  • 5 Different Fonts
  • 820 Stitches
  • 13 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Needle Up/Down Button
  • 13 Presser Feet
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Extension Table
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • Auto Stitch L & W
  • Auto Thread Cutter
  • Optional Speed Control Button

This Brother is a true embroidery machine that is able to embroider on several varying thicknesses of material. With a multitude of built-in designs, as well as its USB port to add new designs, this Brother is a very sturdy embroidery machine able to embroider most anything you can dream up!

  • 5×7 inch Field for Less Rehooping
  • 136 Built-In Designs
  • Large Back lit LCD Screen
  • Large workspace
  • Top Thread and Bobbin
  • USB Port and Memory Card Slot for Patterns
  • “Consumers Digest Best Buy” – Most Value for the Money

This great Brother machine inspired by the show Project Runway, is an embroidery machine as well as a sewing machine. It even comes with a great little roller carrying case to take it wherever you go! This versatile machine has great value for the price!

  • 67 Stitches
  • 4×4 Inch Embroidery Design & Editing
  • Backlit LCD Touch Screen
  • 70 Built-In Designs
  • 5 Lettering Fonts
  • 7 Presser Feet
  • USB Port for Downloading Patterns
  • Auto Threading & Thread Cutting

This Brother machine is an embroidery machine, but is also a sturdy and programmable sewing machine. It has a 4×4 well-lit work area for embroidering. It has a nice sized touch screen with a large variety of design choices since you can download any designs you want from a computer. This machine receives excellent reviews on Amazon and has good bang for the buck!

  • 67 Stitches
  • 70 Built-In Designs
  • 5 Lettering Fonts
  • 4×4 Inch Embroidery Design and Editing
  • 7 Presser Feet
  • Back-lit LCD Touch Screen
  • USB Connectivity for Importing Additional Designs
  • Programmable Sewing Machine
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Lightweight

What’s the Difference Between an Embroidery Machine and a Regular Sewing Machine?

Just by looking, it is not terribly easy to discern an embroidery machine from a regular sewing machine. One of the similarities is that both use material, needles, bobbins, and thread. However, their functionalities are actually quite different.

These two machine types have different purposes. A regular sewing machine is used for sewing fabric together to construct something such as clothing or curtains, or for fixing buttons or hemming pants. Whereas an embroidery machine is used to create decorations on fabric such as embroidering initials on a bag, decorating custom cloth towels or even embroidering decorative pillows or wall hangings. Personally, I love embroidering jeans pockets! Embroidery typically also uses several different types of colored thread for its designs, while a regular machine sticks with one thread color per project.

If you want to create a throw pillow for the living room, you would use a sewing machine.  If you want to decorate the pillow with a holiday design, you would use an embroidery machine.

While in the past there were usually two separate machines for each of these specific functions, now there are also combination machines available to invest in.  Essentially you could now do both on these 2-in-1 machines, and just use a different needle and settings for each.

The Ultimate Embroidery Machine Buyer’s Guide 2018

Embroidery Machine Usage. Are you an embroidery hobbyist or will you be using your embroidery sewing machine for a business?  The answer to this question will make a difference in the type of machine you will be looking to purchase, and also in the price range of your embroidery machine.  Typically, a commercial grade machine will be more expensive than a hobbyist machine and will include more automatic features and other bells and whistles.

Functional Requirements. Your personal functionality requirements for your embroidery machine are just that – personal.  If you are a seasoned hobbyist and know what you like, you may prefer some of the modern embroidery machine conveniences such as an automatic needle threader and thread cutting, pressure sensor, bobbin winding from the needle, embellishment capability, design editing on screen, archable curving fonts, knee lifter, and variable speed controls amongst other things. We definitely recommend some of these time saving conveniences.

Needles. There are many different types of needles for sewing, depending on just what it is you’re sewing. Embroidery needles differ from regular sewing needles in that the eye of the embroidery needle is much larger. The larger eye helps to protect the thread when moving at such a fast pace during the embroidery process. The higher end machines use multiple needles at one time, so there is less need for switching out your thread to a new color, which can save you time!

Bobbin. A bobbin is a spool holding the thread. Sometimes an embroidery machine will hold more than one bobbin, so that there can be multiple colors of thread for use at the same time.

Hoop Size & Embroidery Field. The lower priced embroidery machines for beginners are going to only offer a small hoop size area, which can be limiting for larger embroidery projects.  This may only give you a 4×4 area to work with, which may be fine if all your projects will be small or if you don’t mind rehooping for each area. My recommendation is to at least go with a machine with a bit larger of a working area, so you don’t end up frustrated. We highly recommend choosing a machine that comes with several different hoop sizes or has larger sized hoops available for separate purchase. The more options you have, the better for accommodating all of your different embroidery projects.

Stabilizer. A stabilizer holds the material taut so that the machine does not make a mistake in the pattern while working. It works together with the hoop to ensure precise embroidering of your design.

Throat Width. How large of a throat width will you need for your projects?  The throat width is the amount of space underneath the machine body between it and the needle. If an embroidery machine has a lot of space, such as with a long-arm machine, it gives you more room for a larger project.  The larger the space, the larger hoop size you will be able to use.  A larger throat width is also ideal for quilting projects as well.

Combination Embroidery Machine. If the embroidery machine you are looking to purchase has the embroidery unit as a separate removable section, you will also be able to use your machine for regular sewing and quilting.  This makes your machine much more useful than for just embroidery – more bang for your buck! This feature makes it more of an all in one machine that can be used for several different types of sewing projects. If you plan to sew and embroider, we definitely recommend a combo machine as the most economical choice!

Project Designs. What designs come with your machine of choice?  Is there a large library of embroidery designs or not so much? Does your machine make it easy to download designs?  You want to find out your machine’s method for accessing embroidery designs online. Some machines will have a USB port to easily transfer designs over from a thumb/stick drive. Others will actually connect to a computer for downloading, which may or may not be ideal for your needs.

Display Screen. I don’t know about you, but I really like to see my design that I’m working on easily at just a glance.  A larger display screen is best in my opinion, especially when you are doing a colorful embroidery design so you can see exactly what you are working on and which color goes where. Of course, a larger display will come with a heftier price, but for ease and convenience, I like a large display.

Here is a useful tutorial video on the PE770 Embroidery Machine where she shows you step by step how to embroider a design on a napkin.  This is a great video for beginners showing the file formats, how to download image files, hooping, and each step of the embroidery process.

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